Weather is still rainy, and forecasts are not very encouraging. But now is the time to think about the warm-ups and the purchase of a new bike , the walks with which will be very useful for your health. Let us recall the history of this unique transport vehicle. The bicycle was created in 1817 by the German professor Karl von Dres and looked quite different from today. In its present form, the wheel appeared only in 1839-1940 when it was perfected by the smith Kirkpatrick McMillan. Several decades passed through which the invention has been constantly improved. The emergence of the bicycle has played a huge role in creating other modes of transport .


There are currently several different types of bicycles. The main varieties are four - rijd, hardtail, softtail and double suspension. Ryzhid is distinguished by the fact that no dampers are provided in his construction and the front fork is rigid. This is the lightest and quickest model, but its comfort and patency are low. It is best suited for riding on flat asphalt pavements. Hardtail is the most popular type of wheel - it has a front shock absorber that makes it more passable and resistant to uneven terrain. However, this improvement has its drawbacks - the wheel is considerably heavier and slower. Softtail has two dampers, which is a nice bonus when riding on a terrain. The double suspension wheels have improved shock absorbers for extreme riding.

Bicycles can be divided into mountain, road, hybrid, urban and tourist biking. The first type is designed for riding on rough terrain - it has a reinforced frame, wide tires with a specific tread pattern and many speeds to conquer the most difficult routes. On the contrary, the drive wheels are intended for speeding on equal asphalt roads. They have thin tires, a curved rudder and a lightweight frame. This type of wheel is not suitable for novices because of the unusual sitting position. The hybrid wheel, as it can be assumed by its name, combines the qualities of the two other types. It is suitable for asphalt riding and for overcoming unevenness. But if you plan to drive mostly on a terrain, you better buy a mountain runner. The urban wheel is similar to the hybrid, but there is a larger amount of accessories - such as a rear-view mirror, headlamp and rack. The tourist bicycle wants to be as comfortable and reliable as possible. with his help you will also be able to carry moderate luggage. In all cases, the choice of wheel depends entirely on your preferences and financial capabilities.

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